When I first started to ride a bike in Toronto, I didn’t wear a helmet. I went from dropping off my first and last month’s rent for my first ever Toronto apartment and popped into a cute vintage shop on Queen West that also sold second-hand bikes. I bought one, hopped on it, and didn’t think twice about protecting my head from the super crazy drivers on Queen West. For over a year and a half, I rode without a bike helmet. The major reason, I’m embarrassed to admit, is because I didn’t want to ruin my hair. At that point, my hair was pretty short and I was still straightening it every day; wearing a bike helmet would clearly screw up all of the... View Article

Today I experienced some body policing/shaming and was verbally harassed by a stranger in the Annex (a hip downtown neighbourhood where tattoos are pretty much the norm). This is the second time in less than a month where I’ve had a stranger — and a woman at that — come up to me and comment on my tattoos. Today, I was standing outside of Harbord Fish and Chips, waiting for my friend Nicole to show up so that I could take her photos for my upcoming blog post on bike helmets and bike fashion (which I’m super pumped about, FYI). As I stood there beside my bike, an old woman approached me. At first she seemed innocent enough, commenting on how I should be careful... View Article

Well, I wasn’t planning on posting again so soon. But then I went and saw Magic Mike XXL this evening. Right now I am having so many feelings that I kind of can’t believe that I’m attempting to right a blog post right now. I feel like all I can muster is “ugh. so. good.” But I’m a verbal processor, so I’m going to try to express my love for this movie and for Jada Pinkett Smith’s character, Rome. Rome is a badass lady who is in touch with her desires, and helps other women feel okay about having desires too. Because, you know, women want things, and some of those things are sexy. But some of them are a lot more simple than that:... View Article

My Own Manifesto

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Hello new friends! Well, perhaps it’s a little presumptuous to call you friends just yet. So for now I’ll say, Hello feminists, fashion lovers, floral connoisseurs, and hopefully-soon-to-be-friends! My name is Margeaux Natalie Feldman and this is my blog about fashion, feminism, body positivity, vintage clothing, thrifting culture, and my love of all things floral and 90s. When I was brainstorming names for this blog with my friends, my non-sexual life partner (as we affectionately call one another) suggested Floral Manifesto. I feel like this name really captures the reasons I decided to create a blog: It harkens back to a long history of feminist manifestos: from Valerie Solanas’ SCUM Manifesto written in 1967 (Solanas would shoot and kill Andy Warhol a year later**) and... View Article