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Defining Our Terms: Feminism 101

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Ever wonder what "intersectionality" really means or WTF is feminism? Well, you're not alone. In this post I try to define some of these slippery terms so that we can all be a part of the conversation.


Be With: Fear

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Hey Floral Manifesto readers, Before I dive into all the feels, let me introduce myself. My name is Barbara Erochina and I’m an emotional wellness coach & speaker, wedding celebrant and creator of Be With: Cards for Self-Care. I’m also unapologetically queer, charmingly verbose and a total self-compassion evangelist. Expect posts from me about mental health & being a boss lady and drop me a line at if you want to hear from me about a topic in that wheelhouse. Also, I’m on Instagram @bewithcards, so let’s be insta friends. November will mark exactly one year of running my emotional wellness coaching practice, and the end of my IndieGoGo campaign for Be With: Cards for Self-Care. To say it’s been a wild ride of a... View Article


This is the first in a series of posts where I’ll be giving an introduction to each of the tarot suits. It is my hope that these posts will helpful to both those who are new to tarot, and also help further your knowledge if you are already reading. As I mentioned in my last post, tarot is a divinatory tool made of 78 cards. Sometimes you might also hear tarot referred to as a type of cartomancy, which is just a fancy way of saying, card-based divination. These 78 cards are divided into major and minor cards, 22 archetypes that make up the majors, and has an additional 56 cards that are organized in four suits, almost like playing cards (with cards ace through... View Article

The court cards in the suit of wands from the Universal Waite deck

How to Grieve Part 1: Make a Shrine

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of my mother's death -- and the first time that I've done anything to commemorate her death. The first step in my process was making this shrine. Read more about why making a shrine felt meaningful to me and the steps I took to turn my vision into a reality -- with all of the teen girl witchy vibes you can imagine.


The Outfits We Turn To

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We all have them: the outfits you turn to when you’re feeling bloated, sad, or otherwise not so great. Sometimes we’ll wear this around the house as we sit and binge-watch Netflix or read our favourite book. Other times we have to go out into the world and need an outfit that will make us feel sparkly or as I like to call it, “In My Power.” We often think about what our favourite outfits are, but don’t necessarily think about the purpose that that outfit serves in our lives. And it might serve many. My go-to when I’m feeling bloated, anxious, tired has to be a pair of leggings and a comfy loose-knit sweater. Wearing tights almost makes me feel like I’m naked, but... View Article


Dearest Floral Manifesto readers, My name is Loretta Jean. Some people might also know me by the name Sparrow Queen. I also have some other names that you might know me by too. I’m an academic, an activist, a burlesque performer/producer, arts workers, writer, friend to small furry animals, and most relevantly to the topics of this series of posts, a witch and intuitive tarot reader. (I wear a lot of hats. I mean this both literally and metaphorically; I guess I just really like hats.) Margeaux, the wonderful and kind bosslady behind this blog, has asked me to start writing periodic guest posts on all things tarot and witchery related. I’m excited about this, because though I have been studying both for most of... View Article

The Two of Cups from The Housewives Tarot.

Too Much: Part 2

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This might be the most overdue post in the history of overdue blog posts. You might even say that it’s “too much overdue.” Back in October of 2015, I collaborated with my BFF Natalie to make “Celebrating ‘Too Muchness'” a conversation and blog post with some incredible women. A month or so later I received an email from another friend, my pal Veronica. She loved the blog post, but wondered (and I paraphrase): “what about the too-much-ness that you can’t take off or put on? Is too-much-ness always a cause for celebration and what happens when it’s not? Could we maybe do a Too Much Part 2 and address some of those aspects of being too much?” As someone who loves to collaborate, I jumped... View Article

Too Much

Welcome to the Tinder-verse

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Today’s welcome back to the world of blogging is a post about something I spent quite a bit of time doing this spring/summer: using Tinder. My last relationship ended in December and by April I felt ready to explore the world….of online dating. In the past, my dating website go-to was OKCupid. But in the year and a half since being on the dating scene, things changed and everyone I knew was talking about Tinder. I was skeptical. The idea of swiping left or right on someone felt kind of…well…awful. Like I was going through t-shirts on the American Apparel website. I had also heard horror stories from many women in life about getting gross messages from dudes. But I also knew folks who’d had... View Article