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How to Grieve Part 1: Make a Shrine

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This year marks the 20th anniversary of my mother's death -- and the first time that I've done anything to commemorate her death. The first step in my process was making this shrine. Read more about why making a shrine felt meaningful to me and the steps I took to turn my vision into a reality -- with all of the teen girl witchy vibes you can imagine.


The Outfits We Turn To

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We all have them: the outfits you turn to when you’re feeling bloated, sad, or otherwise not so great. Sometimes we’ll wear this around the house as we sit and binge-watch Netflix or read our favourite book. Other times we have to go out into the world and need an outfit that will make us feel sparkly or as I like to call it, “In My Power.” We often think about what our favourite outfits are, but don’t necessarily think about the purpose that that outfit serves in our lives. And it might serve many. My go-to when I’m feeling bloated, anxious, tired has to be a pair of leggings and a comfy loose-knit sweater. Wearing tights almost makes me feel like I’m naked, but... View Article

Too Much

Too Much: Part 2

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This might be the most overdue post in the history of overdue blog posts. You might even say that it’s “too much overdue.” Back in October of 2015, I collaborated with my BFF Natalie to make “Celebrating ‘Too Muchness'” a conversation and blog post with some incredible women. A month or so later I received an email from another friend, my pal Veronica. She loved the blog post, but wondered (and I paraphrase): “what about the too-much-ness that you can’t take off or put on? Is too-much-ness always a cause for celebration and what happens when it’s not? Could we maybe do a Too Much Part 2 and address some of those aspects of being too much?” As someone who loves to collaborate, I jumped... View Article


Welcome to the Tinder-verse

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Today’s welcome back to the world of blogging is a post about something I spent quite a bit of time doing this spring/summer: using Tinder. My last relationship ended in December and by April I felt ready to explore the world….of online dating. In the past, my dating website go-to was OKCupid. But in the year and a half since being on the dating scene, things changed and everyone I knew was talking about Tinder. I was skeptical. The idea of swiping left or right on someone felt kind of…well…awful. Like I was going through t-shirts on the American Apparel website. I had also heard horror stories from many women in life about getting gross messages from dudes. But I also knew folks who’d had... View Article


My Life is the Best…and I’m the Most Anxious Ever

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So I’ve always had anxiety. I didn’t realize the long, long history of my anxiety until years after I started therapy in my early twenties. The paranoid thinking — a major symptom of my anxiety — could be traced back to childhood, even before the trauma of my mother’s death from cancer. In my late twenties I decided to go on medication. I had been in therapy for years and made a lot of progress. I was doing all the yoga, eating all the good food, and living a healthy lifestyle. But I still couldn’t shake the bodily symptoms that accompanied my anxiety: the shortness of breath, the feeling like two giant bricks were permanently sitting on top of my lungs. Going on medication was... View Article

From Alison Bechdel's Fun Home

My Queer Summer

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Hello long-lost friends! I’m sorry for abandoning you this summer and hope that you’ll forgive me. This summer was filled with many exciting firsts: first time teaching my own course, first time going to camp, and — perhaps a little less exciting but definitely an experience — my first time using Tinder! I’ll be sharing my experiences with all three either today or in the next week. The other super exciting thing that happened this summer is that Floral Manifesto got a new look. Not that there was anything wrong with her before — but when a friend knocks on your door and says “hey, I love your blog and would love to redesign it — FOR FREE — turning into the blog of your... View Article


Mourning on Mother’s Day

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I hate mother’s day. I wake up in the morning, always forgetting what day it is. I look at my Facebook newsfeed and all I see are photos of mothers; mothers that are alive. I am reminded of a scene that Roland Barthes describes in Mourning Diary. “(yesterday) From the terrace of the Flore, I see a woman sitting on the windowsill of the bookstore La Hune; she is holding a glass in one hand, apparently bored; the whole room behind her is filled with men, their backs to me. A cocktail party. May cocktails. A sad, depressing sensation of a seasonal and social stereotype. What comes to my mind is that maman is no longer here and life, stupid life, continues.” Barthes writes this in... View Article


Why I’m Tired of Teaching Dudes About Feminism

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This past week has been an exhausting one for womyn. With the Jian Ghomeshi verdict, our newsfeeds and our lives have been flooded with posts about the injustices done there. So much so that many women I know went offline for a day or two. Whether you believe that he should have been convicted or not, what remains is the hard truth that women who stand up after an assault will not get the justice that they so deserve. They will be the ones on trial. And who, really, wants to go through that? It’s been heartening to see so many of the women in my life speak out in support of the victims. The hashtag #webelievesurvivors has been everywhere. What makes me sad is... View Article


Where Do We Go After Ghomeshi?

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I probably shouldn’t be posting on my blog right now, what with the stack of student papers to grade and a chapter to write. But in the wake of the news that Jian Ghomeshi was acquitted, I feel so overcome with grief that I can’t not talk about it. After hearing the verdict, I posted this status update on my Facebook and I’d like to expand upon it here — although I feel the need to note that what I will say below isn’t anything new, because women’s wounds, as Leslie Jamison puts it, are never new — they’re one of the oldest stories that we have: I feel overcome with grief for the women who bravely stood up and pointed the finger at the... View Article


“Was It Rape?” Or: Why We Need New Words

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“We have degrees of murder and of assault; we should also have degrees of rape.” – Sarah Nicole Prickett, “Consent: It’s Not Sexy” “There is not a word for my experience. The fact that there’s not a word for it makes us feel like it doesn’t exist.” – Veronica Ruckh  **Note: This post was originally published on the blog for my Girls & Sex in the 21st Century course. Due to restrictions on word length, and a decision to keep my own personal experiences out of the post, I’ve decided to post an expanded version here. Trigger/Content Warning: This essay contains explicit details of rape and sexual assault. “Was it rape?” This is a question that so many (myself included) have asked themselves as they begin... View Article