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I love day trips outside of the city. And my friend Veronica LOVES Hamilton, aka. Hammer Town. So I was pretty jazzed when she suggested that me and some pals join her on a day trip to check out what Hamilton has to offer. I asked her to tell me some of the reasons why she loves this city and she wrote back with this list:

1. Scenery! The clear blue sky, the beautiful bay front and Dundurn Castle = best.
2. Flipping fly thrift stores!!!!
3. The city’s generally insufferable interest in uber precious indie organic food. (I love it. I’m sorry. Dairy-free millennial 4 life.)
5. Last but not least: for me, it’s filled with memories. I did my MA in Hamilton and had the best time with the best best people. Woo McMaster!

IMG_8367Hamilton at Dusk

Long known as the blue collar town of the steel mills — the words “gritty,” “sketchy,” and “dangerous” are commonly used words to describe the city — Hamilton has become this hip and happening spot to live in recent years. As millenials come to terms with the fact that buying a house anywhere desirable in Toronto is basically impossible, folks have been moving 40 minutes outside of Toronto and into Hamilton. There’re also a lot of new entrepreneurs moving into the city, which has spurred much of Hamilton’s revitalization and rejuvenation. Cafés and galleries are popping up all along the downtown strip and art crawls are well-attended events. They’ve also got a bike sharing program and a new central city bike lane. Hamilton is sort of like Toronto’s Brooklyn, NY, but before things got too gentrified and property prices skyrocketed.

I’ve been wanting to visit Hamilton for a while, well, because it might be the only place that I can afford to buy a house one day. I instantly fell in love with Hamilton’s gritty charm. Just as a heads up, in case you want to plan a trip, we discovered that a lot of places are closed on Sundays (so if you plan a day trip, you might want to opt for Saturday). But we still had a blast at Out of the Past Clothing, the Kind Exchange, and Newolds. While I didn’t end up finding anything at the thrift shops (which is due to just how picky I’m trying to be with what I purchase these days) I did get to experience the magic that is the Green Smoothie Bar’s Sour Cream and Onion Kale Chips. And also: COCONUT BACON!!! Delicious coconut flakes that are seasoned to taste like hickory smoked bacon?!?! Who could ask for more?

Here are some pictures from our trip!


“Hey guys, can you pose in front of our bus?”
“Kash, that face is going to go onto the internet, I hope you know that”


Kash knows a photo opportunity when she sees one!


Veronica wins for best photo bomb of the trip.


“Hey guys, I’m just going to take a photo right now. Just act natural.”


Kash tries on this Alicia Florrick style top but decided not to buy it.


Nicole told us that she was on the hunt for a red floral dress and she found this gem!


Cute tie in the back? Yes please!

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 12.54.54 PM

And I became an impromptu instagram model for Out of the Past (if only this dress had been every so slight larger — it would’ve come home with me).


“Hey, can we make funny faces in front of this taxidermied fox?”

IMG_8374 (1)

Kash had an artistic vision.


Still life in front of bananas.


Love these “crass stitches” at the White Elephant. 


“Wait, are you guys wearing the same glasses?”


“Hey guys, can you stand in front of this giant stone wall/building so I can take a photo of you that I’ll post on instagram with the caption ‘I really like these ladies’?”

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