Bossy Babe: Meet Yuli Scheidt

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When I created the Bossy List I wanted it to be a directory for folks looking to support feminist/queer women-identified, gender queer, and trans folks. But I also wanted to get to know more about this boss babes and hear their stories. Each month I’ll be sharing a Q&A that I had with one of the bossy babes on the list. This month I got to hear from photographer Yuli Scheidt, who helped make my photo shoot dreams come alive in my blog post “The Importance of Home.” So inspired by all of the thoughtful things she said in this interview. Hope you enjoy!  Floral Manifesto: Tell me a bit about how you got into photography. On your Bossy List profile it says that you began... View Article


Living in a world that is so deeply invested in the American dream, I can’t help but recognize how one of the ways that neoliberalism and capitalism survive is by teaching us to dream big while training us to ask for so little. When we pass through childhood and into adolescence, we’re told that not all of our needs can be met all of the time. But as we’re told that not all of our needs can be met all of the time — which, I believe, is a vital lesson in ethics and what it means to be human — we’re also taught to feel ashamed of having any needs at all. And so we remain silent, for if we remain silent then we... View Article


2017: My Year of the Cosmic Mama

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New Year’s Resolutions: we’ve all done it at some time or another. “I’ll go to the gym five times a week!” Or, “I’m going to stop procrastinating!” And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably noticed how quickly you “forget” about those resolutions and return to your normal routine. The only exercise we find ourselves doing is the figurative running to finish our X project right before the deadline. There are many reasons why we don’t keep our resolutions. Sometimes our resolutions are just not manageable. Like, with all of the other obligations you have, is going to the gym five times a week actually feasible? And sometimes, the issue is that the resolution isn’t getting at the root cause.     Let me explain.... View Article


Every year, I feel buried by the wastefulness of the holiday season. Between all of the travel, exchanging of cheaply-produced gift items, non-recyclable wrapping paper & packaging, and the endless feasting, the holidays often result in more bags of trash under the tree than we’d like to acknowledge. So many of the gifts that we give and receive are produced unsustainably in overseas factories with unlivable conditions for workers—the reality that you don’t see tied up with a bow on Christmas morning.   But spreading holiday cheer doesn’t have to come with a negative ecological or societal impact! There are so many options for giving meaningful gifts that both your loved ones and the environment will appreciate. Some of my favourites to give and receive... View Article


Photo Diary: The Importance of Home

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Home is such a vital space for me. It’s where I unwind from my day, where I make the food that nourishes me. Home is where I put on my comfy clothes and pet my cats. It’s a space that I share with friends and loved ones. It’s where my insanely comfy bed is — my first “adult” purchase, that I was able to afford because someone I knew was selling it for really cheap.  When I talk about how important home is to me, I often joke that it’s because I’m a cancer (the astrological sign that loves nesting and the home). But my relationship to home has been a fraught one for me. Home has been a place of instability, of trauma, and... View Article


Hi, Floral Manifesto readers!   This is long-time reader, first-time poster, Jessica Bebenek. I’m a poet & essayist, visual artist, and intersectional feminist activist currently operating out of the graduate program in Creative Writing & English at Concordia University, Montreal. In addition, and maybe most importantly, I’ve been living a waste-free lifestyle for the past year and have been vegan for the last five years. Now, before you ask: No, I don’t sleep on a mat in an empty room. Yes, I still have a social life. No, I’m not a kook. Yes, I love trash.   Living ‘waste-free’ simply means that you do your best to reduce your consumption through actions like buying second-hand, buying food in bulk with reusable containers, recycling and composting, etc.... View Article


Defining Our Terms: Feminism 101

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Ever wonder what "intersectionality" really means or WTF is feminism? Well, you're not alone. In this post I try to define some of these slippery terms so that we can all be a part of the conversation.


Be With: Fear

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Hey Floral Manifesto readers, Before I dive into all the feels, let me introduce myself. My name is Barbara Erochina and I’m an emotional wellness coach & speaker, wedding celebrant and creator of Be With: Cards for Self-Care. I’m also unapologetically queer, charmingly verbose and a total self-compassion evangelist. Expect posts from me about mental health & being a boss lady and drop me a line at if you want to hear from me about a topic in that wheelhouse. Also, I’m on Instagram @bewithcards, so let’s be insta friends. November will mark exactly one year of running my emotional wellness coaching practice, and the end of my IndieGoGo campaign for Be With: Cards for Self-Care. To say it’s been a wild ride of a... View Article