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This month I’m so excited to introduce you to Erin Klassen of the indie publishing house With/out Pretend. I had the pleasure of meeting Erin at my workshop “Queer and Trans-Inclusivity for Entreprenuers” and quickly realized that I had seen her before at the launch of “You Care Too Much” — a book that thinks about alternative forms of self-care in the face of capitalism’s emphasis on bubble baths, yoga, and pedicures (all of which are totes valid!). After the workshop Erin friendship-propositioned me and asked if I would share a story at the re-launch of Portraits, on the topic of unresolved feelings. The launch is happening tomorrow (details further down!) so I thought this would be a perfect time for you to learn more about Erin! ... View Article


Feminism as an Ethics of Accountability

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I am angry. I am angry and I don’t care to wait until I “cool off” so that I can be “more rational.” I am angry and I am exhausted. These are two separate incidents, but they’re related. Scene 1. Two days ago I called out a man that I’d had a sexual and romantic relationship with. We were now attempting to be friends — but he had broken my trust by not disclosing some pretty crucial information and thus didn’t give me the opportunity to consent to the terms of the relationship. I gave him an opportunity to rebuild it — an opportunity he told me he wanted and was grateful for. Two weeks go by and he is anything but accountable. When I... View Article


Happy Pride to all of my Toronto pals! Am there with you in spirit from New Orleans. One of the most fun things about Pride, IMHO, is getting dressed up in all of your queerest most fabulous attire. And so it feels really fitting that this month’s Bossy List profile is all about masti khor of Femmeboyant Designs. You should read this post and then hit them up for one of their amazing accessories!  Floral Manifesto: Tell me a bit about what prompted you to start Femmeboyant Designs. masti khor: I’ve been a crafter forever, and needed some extra cash so I decided to try and sell some of my work. I’m studying to be a somatics psychotherapist and it’s really expensive, so this little bit... View Article


I’ve come to New Orleans on a research trip for my current dissertation chapter (more on that in another post). New Orleans has been on my list of places that I’ve wanted to go for a long time and so it feels kinda surreal to be here right now. I knew that coming on this trip was going to change me. It was something that I felt intuitively before I left. Part of that feeling comes from recognizing my own privilege as a white woman from Canada coming to the American South. This is heightened by the fact that I’m here to conduct research on sex education and teen pregnancy (I really will say more about that in another post). But the other part of... View Article


Feminist Book Club: Issue #2

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In this month’s instalment of Feminist Book Club, we are covering all of our generic bases: poetry, novels, and short stories that defy the conventions of the short story. We’re also welcoming Tajja Isen to the team! Check out her bio on the About page. And if you feel like it, let us know what you’ve been reading!  The Girl Who Was Saturday Night by Heather O’Neill Normally I don’t like funny books. I’m suspicious of books that make me laugh because I’ve been taught, as an English major, that good literature is serious literature. But O’Neill’s reckless coming-of-age novel reconciles humour and seriousness in a way I couldn’t help but accept, even adore. The main characters – Nouschka and Nicolas Tremblay – are offbeat... View Article

Bossy Babe: Meet Or Har-Gil

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When I created the Bossy List I wanted it to be a directory for folks looking to support feminist/queer women-identified, gender queer, and trans folks. But I also wanted to get to know more about this boss babes and hear their stories. Each month I’ll be sharing a Q&A that I had with one of the bossy babes on the list. This month I got to hear from Or Har-Gil. I met Or through fellow Bossy List Barbara Erochina and instantly developed a pretty big friend crush. Or is an incredibly compassionate person and an amazing communicator — thank goodness she decided to become an art therapist! As someone who has been in therapy on and off for over 10 years, and who denies having... View Article

Or candid

No you can’t touch my belly and other things I need to say out loud. A sign of a good friend is one who ever so gently prods you into doing things that are good for you. They do this because they know you and they care. Nearly every time I unloaded intense feelings about being pregnant, giving birth, and having to climb out of the broken shell my body became postpartum, Margeaux would gently say: “You should write about this!” So this essay was born after months of encouragement and out of a feeling that I never really found anything about being pregnant or becoming a mother (anywhere!) that truly captured some of my sadder and more tangled-up complicated feelings; so I decided to... View Article

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We live in a society that encourages us to express ourselves through our clothing with a focus on individualism. And it’s true: the way we dress defines us. What we often forget, though, is that the fashion choices we make can have a huge impact that reaches far beyond our own lives. These daily choices we make matter—for better or worse. The term ‘fast fashion’ refers to rapid turn-over and unethical production methods currently used by huge clothing manufacturers such as H&M, Forever XXI, Topshop, and Zara, just to name a tiny handful. Whereas the fashion industry used to release two seasons per year (Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter), large companies now produce 52 micro-seasons per year—Topshop alone releases 400 new items online per week. These companies... View Article


Feminist Book Club: Issue #1

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It is a truth universally acknowledged, that I love a good book. Ever since I was a kid books provided me with a window into another world, books introduced me to people that I would never have met in the real world — either because they were talking lions that didn’t actually exist (as much as I wished they would) or because growing up in the suburbs, I lived in a world that was mostly middle to upper class, mostly white, and pretty darn heteronormative. Books changed how I thought about the world. I’m always on the hunt for new things to read, especially if they’re written by women and have a feminist slant. So I asked some folks in my life who love to... View Article