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Here you’ll find thoughts and feelings on everything from vintage fashion and clothing communities to feminism and body positivity — not that any of those are mutually exclusive. The name for Floral Manifesto came out my commitment to feminism and my recognition that often our desires can conflict with our politics. Women have long turned to the manifesto form to speak out against patriarchy, misogyny, racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination. I want this blog to be a safe space for women to discuss the issues they experience living in a patriarchal society; a space where we can talk about how hard it can be and how awesome it is to be a feminist.

I believe that clothing can be a way of building communities amongst women – and so there will be many posts where I share my finds from clothing swaps and social media bartering systems, as well as pieces that I found at second-hand clothing stores. The fashion industry has done a good job pitting women against one another, so I want to explore the ways that fashion can bring us (back) together.

I want this blog to be a collective manifesto, comprised of different voices and experiences. So you’ll see many posts where I talk to friends, acquaintances, and members of different feminist circles about their own struggles and accomplishments. One of the things that I want to do with this blog is think about what it means to be a feminist today: what work still needs to be done and what needs to change in how we define “feminism” as one “ism” instead of “feminisms”? If there are any issues that are near and dear to your heart that you’d love to see covered on Floral Manifesto, don’t hesitate to contact me at: margeaux[at]floralmanifesto[dot]com!

Floral Manifesto Family!

02-13-2017-MARGEAUX_0323Margeaux Feldman (Founding Editor & Primary Blogger) is a writer, teacher, and blogger specializing in queer feminist feelings (or so says her business card). She’s also a  PhD Candidate in the Departments of English and Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto. When she’s not writing her dissertation or content for Floral Manifesto, she can often be found on her couch, surrounded by her two cats, with a book or feminist cross-stitch in hand. 


15303817_10101591523073521_1160904630_oLoretta Jean (Contributor) is a lifelong witch, tarotist, writer, and performer. Recently she has turned her attention to working on a PhD at U of T’s Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies. She is also a co-founder and artistic director of Nerd Girl Burlesque. She likes cats, strong tea, and punk rock. You should follow her on instagram. 


15232266_10157868896970083_7891145586397464305_nJessica Bebenek (Contributor) is a poet & non-fiction writer, visual artist, and intersectional feminist activist currently based in Montreal. She is pursuing her MA in Creative Writing & English at Concordia University where she teaches and works as a coordinator at the Centre for Expanded Poetics. You can find info on her publications and performances on her website. She takes selfies and disturbs shit on Instagram as @notyrmuse.


17522426_10208904423149711_1393509363_oJordan Weir (Contributor: Feminist Book Club) is a writer entering the real world. They study English and Philosophy at the University of Toronto, set to graduate this June. They write poetry, short fiction, and whatever else the mood calls for. They’re also into drawing portraits, making lists, and hounding their friends with a video camera. Contact them for any good reason at jordandayweir@gmail.com.


18741615_909270032546107_1140152092_nTajja Isen (Contributor: Feminist Book Club) is a writer and voice actor based in Toronto. Her fiction has appeared in The Malahat Review, The New Quarterly and Room Mazagine, and has been longlisted for the CBC Short Story Prize. She is currently completing a combined JD/MA in English at the University of Toronto. You may have heard her voice on such cartoons as The Berenstain Bears, Atomic Betty, Jane and the Dragon and Super Why!, among others.


Author Rebecca DiemRebecca Diem (Contributor: Feminist Book Club) is a writer, music lover and nerd. She is the author of the indie steampunk series Tales of the Captain Duke, beginning with The Stowaway Debutante (2014), following the adventures of a defiant young aristocrat who saves a band of airship pirates from certain peril and talks her way into joining their crew. She currently lives in Toronto, and is on a never-ending quest to find the perfect café and writing spot. You can find her at rebeccadiem.com.


17952967_177158332805209_1665558786317180099_nClementine Morrigan (Contributor: Feminist Book Club) is a writer, artist, educator, and working witch. Their first book, Rupture, was published in 2012. A second collection of poetry, The Size of a Bird, will be available from Inanna Press in October 2017. Her creative writing has appeared in the literary journals Prose & Lore and Soliloquies, and their scholarly writing has appeared in the academic journals Somatechnics and Knots. She is the creator of two short films, Resurrection (2013) and City Witch (2016), as well as being a prolific zinester with a new project, Fucking Magic. More of their work can be found at clementinemorrigan.com.

Thanks Christopher Elkin and Scott Campbell for making Floral Manifesto into my dream vision. And thanks to Barbara Erochina for helping me get this website up and running.